Air University Multan Campus (AUMC) produces graduates to serve the diverse needs of industry and academia. Candidates from across the country are carefully selected and rigorously prepared by AUMC Management Sciences to serve the industry or academia. The Ph.D. Program at AUMC has been designed to cater to the needs of candidates who aspire brilliant careers in academia or senior positions in the corporate sectors.

PHD Management Science
Code Title Cr. Hrs Pre. Req
Semester – I
MS801 Management Thoughts and Philosophy -  
Elective Course (1st Semester)
MS751 Financlal Econometrics -  
MS749 Financial Risk Management 3-0-3  
MS730 Leadership and Motivational Skills 3-0-3  
MS722 Strategic HRM: Concepts and Applications 3-0-3  
MS781 International Marketing 3-0-3  
MS779 Integrated Marketing Communications 3  
Semester – II
MS802 Advanced Techniques in Data Analysis 3-0 CS102
MS804 Scientifc Research and Academic Writing 0-1  
Elective Course (2nd Semester)
MS731 Organizational Development 3-0-3  
MS729 Human Resource Development 3-0-3 HU119
MS750 International Finance 2-0-2  
MS754 Corporate Valuation Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3-0-3  
MS771 Strategic Services Marketing 3  
MS773 Consumer Behaviour Models 3  
Semester – III
MS899 Dissertation 30 -

Master degree in Management Sciences (24 credit hours course work along with 6 credit hours for thesis) with a CGPA of at least 3.00/4.00 or equivalent.

AU-GAT(Sub) at least 70% score or NTS-GAT(Sub) at least 60% score or a GRE Subject Test (at least 60th percentile). This must be passed before the date of admission in PhD Program. Candidates will appear for an interview for final selection