Student Club

AUMC students get opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. There are students’ societies and clubs, which organize activities of their choice and interest. The University encourages students to self-manage these societies and clubs and provides the required resources and guidance. There is great enthusiasm among members for these activities as they provide some mental relaxation. They also bring out their leadership, organizational, and management skills.


History of Air University Students Club:

Air University Students Club a.k.a AUSC was established on 14th March 2012 under the patronage of the Honorable Dr. Hayat Awan, Director of Air University Multan Campus. Initially, it was decided that AUSC would comprise of four societies but the club was later extended.

The following are the students that have managed Student Club.

  • Rana Faizan Ahmed (President)
  • Aieman Malik (General Secretary )
  • Aqeel Khan (Vice President ) (Management Sciences)
  • Hassan Bin Tariq (Vice President ) (Computer Science)
  • Zafar Hafeez (Finance Secretary)
  • Abeera Ahmed (Coordinate Secretary)
  • Amna Tanveer Khan (Head women Wing Computer Science)
  • Urwa Aslam Khan (Head Of Woman Wing Management Sciences)

Vision of AUSC:

To inculcate students with great personal and professional capabilities and balance Academic activities with Extracurricular Activities.

Mission Statement:

To provide students with the suitable environment needed for personal growth and character development, and to promote good values such as team spirit, self-awareness, and healthy competition.


  • To provide students with opportunities for personal growth and character development.
  • To encourage students to perform as a team, to inculcate team spirit through participation.
  • To provide students with a platform to horn their capabilities and to develop a sense of self-confidence.