The course consisting of 30 Cr.Hr. has the main objective to give its students a strong background in advanced topics of computer science which will then be complemented with specialized postgraduate courses in areas of immense research and commercial potential. This program has been designed to produce highly-skilled professionals who would be trained in computer science areas, namely Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Networks.

Semester Wise Study Plan for Two Years MS(CS)
#. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 CS 710 Research Methodology (Core) 1
2 CS 642 Advanced Theory of Automata (Core) 3
3 CS 673 Advanced Computer Architecture (Core) 3
4 CS XXX Elective I 3
Semester – II
1 CS 641 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms (Core) 3
2 CS 650 Advanced Operating System (Core) 3
3 CS XXX Elective II 3
Semester – III
1 CS XXX Elective III 3
2 CS XXX Elective IV 3
3 CS799 Thesis -
Semester – IV
1 CS799 Thesis 6

16 years education with minimum 130 Credit Hrs in relevant subject (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Information Technology.)

At least 50% marks or 2.00/4.00 CGPA AU-GAT(Gen) at least 60% score OR NTS-GAT(Gen) at least 50% score. This must be passed before the date of admission in MS Program. Candidates will appear for an interview for the purpose of final selection.