The Department of Mathematics promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics and its applications, encourages industrial research and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics. To advance its mission, the DoM provides a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in problem solving; and offers a broad selection of courses that can be tailored according to diverse students’ needs. To be a model department focused on the solutions of real world scientific and engineering problems, meeting the criteria of the nation and enhancement and sustenance of the academic environment conducive to excellence in teaching and research.

Code Title Cr. Hrs Pre. Req
Semester – I
MA116 Single Variable Calculus 3-0-3  
PH120 Mechanics 3-0-3  
PH120L Mechanics Lab 0-1-1  
HU101 Communication Skills 3-0-3  
HU124 Islamic Studies and Ethics 2-0-2  
CS111 Programming & Fundamentals 3-0-3  
CS111L Programming & Fundamentals Lab 0-1-1  
  Total 14-2-16  
Semester – II
MA105 Multi Variable Calculus 3-0-3 MA116
PH121 Electricity and Magnetism 3-0-3 MA116 PH120
PH121L Electricity and Magnetism Lab 0-1-1 PH120L
CH100 Principle of Chemistry 3-0-3  
HU125 Pakistan Studies & Global Perspectivw 2-0-2  
HU105 Technical English 3-0-3  
PY110 Introduction to Psychology 3-0-3  
  Total 17-1-18  
Semester – III
MA201 Linear Algebra 3-0-3  
MA215 Ordinary Differential Equation 3-0-3 MA105
MA270 Set Theory & Logic 3-0-3  
HU104 Technical Writing 3-0-3  
PH240 Waves & Oscillation 3-0-3 PH120 MA105
BI101 Introductory Biology 3-0-3
  Total 18-0-18  
Semester – IV
MA221 Numerical Analysis and Computation 2-0-2  
MA221L Numerical Analysis and Computation Lab 0-1-1  
MA255 Analytical Mechanics 3-0-3  
MA301 Probability & Statistics 3-0-3  
MA209 Complex Analysis 3-0-3  
MA204 Discrete Mathematics 3-0-3  
BA160 Self-Development 3-0-3  
  Total 17-1-18  
Semester – V
MA361 Real Analysis 3-0-3 MA105
MA372 Group Theory 3-0-3  
MA381 Differential Geometry 3-0-3  
MA373 Set Topology 3-0-3  
MA342 Fundamental of Optimization 3-0-3 MA221
IR100 Introduction to International Relations 3-0-3  
  Total 18-0-18  
Semester – VI
MA312 Partial Differential Equations 3-0-3 MA215
MA366 Functional Analysis 3-0-3  
MA322 Theory of Viscous Fluids 3-0-3  
MA345 Fundamentals of Operations Research 3-0-3  
MA333 Mathematical Statistics-1 3-0-3  
  Total 15-0-15  
Semester – VII
MA425 Software Packages 3-0-3  
MA436 Mathematical Statistics II 3-0-3 MA333
MA4xx Elective–1 x-x-3  
MA4xx Elective–II x-x-3  
MA498 Final Year Project – I 3-0-3  
MA495 Internship    
  Total x-x-15  
Semester – VIII
MA414 Integral Equation 3-0-3  
MA452 Analytical Dynamics 3-0-3  
MA4xx Elective 3 x-x-3  
MA4xx Elective 4 x-x-3  
MA499 Final Year Project – II 0-3-3 MA498
  Total x-x-15  
Total Credit Hours for BS Mathematics Program = 133

F.Sc, Pre-Engineering OR equivalent with Mathematics as major subject, minimum 50% marks. The absolute value of percentage is considered as final; it is not rounded off to the next whole number, e.g., 49.9% is considered 49.9% and NOT 50%.

The candidates who qualify the Admission Test will only be offered admission as per position in merit list.