Air University students club comprises of the following societies:

Going Green Society

Air University Multan Campus is fully committed to environmental sustainability. This is in compliance to the ‘Clean, Green National Environmental Policy, and the Prime Minister’s directive of making a ‘Clean and Green’ Pakistan. In line with above direction, the Air University is incorporating a culture of environmentally conscious community.


Debating Society

The mission of a debating society typically revolves around promoting the art of debate, critical thinking, and effective communication among its members.

Islamic Society

We aim to spread the true teachings of Islam and we address the problems faced by youth nowadays and to teach and learn to balance dunia around Deen.

Blood Donor Society ( Health Warriors)

The main aim of our society is to serve humanity and one of the ways in which we serve is by providing blood to the patients in twin cities. These patients also include people suffering from Thalassemia.

Literary and Seminar

The members of this society work towards promoting the thespian arts and literature. The groom musicians organize declamation contest and debates and formulate new skits and plays for university events. For those with a keen interest in arts and dramatics, this society is the place-to-be!

Sports society

The sports society arranges a variety of sports events for the students such as cricket and football matches. They have organized many inter and intra university events for the students to participate. Their mission is to promote a sense of healthy competition through athletics.

Trips and Tours

Air University Multan Campus arranges a variety of tours for its students to the many diverse and beautiful locations of Pakistan. These tours are for recreation purposes and for inculcating a sense of pride within the students about the beauty and diversity of their country. This society is responsible for organizing both educational and recreational tours for the student body. Both one day and long tours are arranged

Character Building Society

To provide a platform and resources for our communities to engage and take action for a better world. Youth have the ability to reform the system and revive societal norms.The other purpose of the society is to spread the awareness of din and Sunnah within the students. The society hosts a multitude of seminars and workshops to enlighten student with the knowledge Quran and Sunnah.

Social Welfare Society

This Society educates students about the importance of volunteering in the community. Organized the campaigns to raise funds for humanitarian reasons and charitable objectives to aid the deprived people

Media and promotion society

This society is responsible for providing full media coverage of university events to promote the university’s endeavors on a local and national level. They are also responsible for handling the university’s media partners.

Decoration society

The society's primary goal is to support activities that are closely related to design or art in some way. This society is responsible for decorating the campus and events.

Dramatics society

A society that caters to students who are interested in the performing arts while also assisting them in learning other key operational, technical, and human skills for their own growth and development. We want to give people a place to express themselves, try new theatrical ventures, try new things, and contribute back to society through art. However, the major purpose is to encourage new theatre aspirants to study and pursue their love, as well as to enable seasoned and exceptional performers to excel.

Techbits society

Techbits is a society that organizes a multitude of seminars and workshops related to the many diverse fields of the computer science discipline. The society has thus far organized many events such as a workshop on web penetration testing, a workshop for web development for novices and many seminars with prominent guest speakers, related to the current trends in the industry.