The course consisting of 33 Cr.Hr. has a main objective to give its students a strong background in advanced topics of computer science which will then be complemented with specialized postgraduate courses in areas of immense research and commercial potential. This program has been designed to produce highly-skilled professionals who would be trained in computer science areas, namely Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Networks.
Semester Wise Study Plan for Two Years MS(CS)
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Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 CS XXX Advanced Theory of Computation   3
2 CS XXX Advanced Algorithm Analysis Data Structures & Algorithms 3
3 CS XXX Advanced Operating Systems Operating Systems 3
4 CS XXX Advanced Computer Architecture CS 222 3
Semester – II
1 CS XXX CS     Elective I 3
2 CS XXX CS     Elective II 3
3 CS XXX CS     Elective III 3
Semester – III
1 CS XXX CS     Elective IV 3
2 CS605 CS     Thesis (partial registration) 3
Semester – IV
1 CS605 CS     Thesis (partial registration)   6


  1. Specialization Area elective courses are not limited to the list available at campus. More Courses can be added to specialization areas.
  2. Students must select at least two elective courses from the Specialization Area. Other two elective courses may be selected from other Specialization Areas.
  3. Due to the advanced nature of the MSCS program and research orientation, the instructor of a

course can re-design the objective and contents of the course in consultation with the Chairman.