Air University students club comprises of the following societies:

Literary and arts society:
The members of this society work towards promoting the thespian arts and literature. The groom musicians organize declamation contest and debates and formulate new skits and plays for university events. For those with a keen interest in arts and dramatics, this society is the place-to-be!
Sports society:
The sports society arranges a variety of sports events for the students such as cricket and football matches. They have organized many inter and intra university events for the students to participate. Their mission is to promote a sense of healthy competition through athletics.
Industrial tours and excursion society:
This society is responsible for organizing both educational and recreational tours for the student body. Both one day and long tours are arranged.
Islamic society:
The purpose of the Islamic society is to spread the awareness of din and Sunnah within the students. The Islamic society hosts a multitude of seminars and workshops to enlighten student with the knowledge Quran and Sunnah.
Research and development society:
This society comprises of a group of students dedicated to assisting and promoting research work in the university.
Media and promotion society:
This society is responsible for providing full media coverage of university events to promote the university’s endeavors on a local and national level. They are also responsible for handling the university’s media partners.
Techbits society:
Techbits is a society that organizes a multitude of seminars and workshops related to the many diverse fields of the computer science discipline. The society has thus far organized many events such as a workshop on web penetration testing, a workshop for web development for novices and many seminars with prominent guest speakers, related to the current trends in the industry.